Turkey Cookies

Between both of my boys having Fall Birthdays, and Halloween last month, I sure have been bringing a lot of treats to their school class's.

This year Liam's Birthday falls on Thanksgiving, so we thought it would be appropriate to bring Turkey Cookies to his class mates.

To make things easy on me, I started off with some sugar cookies from the bakery.  I got the largest ones I could find.
I also used a pre-made frosting to frost the cookies.  Easy, Easy,  but definitely not the healthiest.
Then using our leftover Halloween candy I decorated the cookies to look like Turkeys.

* Candy Corn for feathers
* M & M's for eyes
* Candy Corn pieces for the beak
* Two pretzels for the feet.

Then I finished them off with fall colored Sprinkles.
When I got to the school the kids were in another classroom so I placed a cookie on a napkin with a glass of milk at each desk.  
The look at the kid's faces when they walked into the room and saw the cookies awaiting them was priceless.

Yesterday,  Liam had an Angry Birds Party at our house.  It was Crazy Fun I will blog about that next time.
My goodness the kid really knows how to milk his Birthday.... More fun to come.
You only turn 7 once, Right?

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  1. I can imagine the kids expression when they saw the lil turkeys on their tables. Love it.