My Little Vampires

 This is my last post about Halloween,  I Promise!
I think I have blogged more this October, then any other month.
 But I just wanted to share a few pictures of my little vampires with ya.
They really had fun dressing up. And it was so funny to watch them because they were just so into character.
They made great vampires.

They had a blast last night Trick or Treating.
About half way through the neighborhood my little Jax announced, He was Done!
His bucket too heavy to carry,  his little legs were tired,  and I think he was just so worn out from running so fast, house to house, trying to keep up with all the other kids.
So we called it a night!

Since we were all out Trick or Treating, I left behind a bucket of Candy for those who stopped by.
Although, our street is pretty quiet.  We usually don't get a whole lot of kids.  But we are always prepared with more Candy then necessary, just in case.

Hope you all had a great night as well.
Now I'm off to take down all of my Halloween decorations.  I'm looking forward to a uncluttered house again.


  1. They are adorable! However I am sure they would like it better if I said "scary"!

  2. HI Emily! It looks like your boys had such a nice day! They look great!

  3. Emily they look like such adorable lil monsters! (vampires)
    You're blog header is so cool!