My Boy's Room

Before I get going on posting all about Christmas, I thought I'd share my boy's room with ya.
Liam and Jax share a room, plus it doubles as a play room, so I really have to keep it organized for them.  I try not to "decorate" it too much.  I just let their own things fill up the room.

First, I wanted to share their new bedding that I just picked up at Ikea. It's very cool and boyish, and goes well with the rest of the room.

The walls are painted blue with a brown, white and red stripe going around the whole room.  Then we have a Spiderman mural that my husband Jake painted a few years ago.

 A little white dresser holds some of their clothes and an old changing table in the closet holds the rest.... they sure have a lot of clothes.

 I've hung up a few of their plaid shirts on the closet door.

The room came with a built in bookcase, which has been wonderful for extra storage.

 I also took off one of the closet doors to make the closet more accessible. . . or maybe it got beat down, either way were leaving it.

A blue tub holds their large collection of light sabers and Nerf guns.
The changing table in the closet also holds all of their games.

 The wicker basket under the window holds.... Yes, More toys!

 But where most of the toys hide, is under the bed I have used large, long, plastic bins to hold all of their smaller toys.

 These are perfect for housing blocks, train tracks, action figures and miscellaneous.

The best part is that they are easy to pull in and out, and can be covered up when not in use.

I have also made sure there is plenty of play space in the middle of the room.

Liam and Jax love their room and thank you for checking it out!


  1. What more could a boy ask for? It is perfectly done. All those bins of toys take me back to when my son was that age. He's swapped out toys for video games and clothes :-/. Those were the good ole' days. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Your boys room looks great!! I am so impressed with all the storage solutions you've come up with. The stripe on the wall looks really great! And the spiderman is so cool! My boys would love that! Your husband is really talented. You need to put him to work painting some stuff around the house for you. lol!


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