School Halloween Parties / Games & Snacks

Happy Halloween!
So yesterday I helped out at this little vampires pre-school Halloween Party.

I was in charge of fruit.
I came across this cute idea on Pinterest found HERE


What you do is start with some mandarin orange fruit cups,
then with a black Sharpie draw on a happy little pumpkin face.

 Super easy and super cute.

 Jax brought them to school in this plastic pumpkin bucket.

And then today I helped out at Liam's 1st grade Halloween party.
Unfortunately, they are not allowed to dress up in costume at school.  I think that is so lame.
Anyway,  so this time I was in charge of a Game.
I call this game,
 Candy Corn Toss.

I took 3 Halloween buckets, then from largest to smallest I added point numbers, 25, 50, and 100.
At the school,  I lined the buckets up in a row. The largest being the closest and the smallest being the farthest away.
I gave each child 6 candy corns and let them toss away, counting up their points.
They had a blast.

 Then I thought these treats were adorable that another mom brought in.

She gave each child an Oreo cookie, 8 pretzel sticks and 2 m&m's.
Then the kids got to assemble their spiders on their own.

So I know these ideas don't do you any good, considering Halloween is today!  But maybe pin now and use next year.

We are having so much fun around here.
Can't wait to take my boys out trick or treating tonight.


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  1. You're a great mom!! I used to love volunteering at my kid's school. Love those fruit cups!