My Sisters Bedroom Redo

Remember my Sisters All White bedroom?
I blogged about it about a year ago, you can see it HERE.
Well she has re-done it and brought in just a little bit of color.
First, she painted her walls a pale blue and then she added this sweet little bird wall decal.

 This mirror use to hang above her bed, but now she has moved it across the room and above her dresser.
She has also added a rustic wood frame around it, which she had made with my dad. And then she painted it in a light coat of white.
Don't you just love it?

 She also brought in a blue patchwork quilt and a few blue pillows for her bed, but other than that the room is still mostly white.


The headboard is new and she has painted it white as well.

I love the Peacefulness of it all.
For some reason it just reminds me of a snowy winter day.

Want to see more of my Sisters House?
I have blogged about her Living Room, Kitchen, Photo Wall as well as her All White Bedroom.

Her house is really cute, although most of the pictures I have posted of it do not do it justice.

Thanks for stopping by,

 P.S.  I've been busy decorating my home for Halloween.  I'll share that with ya next time.


  1. I love the wall color your sister's very soft and the perfect backdrop for her white furniture. The decal is very cool, too. Yes, it reminds me a bit of winter, too!


  2. What a beautiful room! I like the soothing colour palette and that mirror is gorgeous!

  3. Love, Love, Love this bedroom! It looks so peaceful and serene and feels very inviting. I so want to take a nap in it. Or better yet, move in and claim it mine!

    I love the soft touch of blue your sister added to the otherwise all-white bedroom. It still looks crisp and clean, but not overly so.

    I'm also loving the soft and flowing, high-hung curtains she added. They draw the eye upward making the ceiling appear higher, opening the room up and allowing it to be filled with an abundance of warmth and natural sunlight.

    The new wall art is simple and subtle, adding to the ambiance of the room without dominating the space. And the newly-added hand-stitched quilt in various shades of blue works beautifully as a colorful accent piece during the warm months, and a functional, warm and cozy must-have during those cold, winter months. It's a perfect addition to the room.

    Your sister is so very talented, just like you. I'm going to have to re-pin this one. Thanks for sharing. ;)

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