Creepy Crawly Halloween Mantel

The Itsy Bitsy Spider crawled up my fireplace!

 You're not afraid of little creepy crawly spiders are you?  If so, don't come to my house, I've got them crawling Everywhere.



Not only do I have an infestation of spiders, I also have rats and crows, taxidermy style. 

I placed the crows on branches inside of large jars and I think they turned out so creepy.

 Doesn't it just make your skin crawl?

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  1. Hey Emily! Your mantel is so cool, I bet your boys are loving it. We had fun pickin pumpkin, it is one of my favs too. Can't wait to see pics from your day:). Have a great night!!! Jen

  2. What a great mantel! I am sure your kids are just loving it! Stopping by from Homestories A to Z!

  3. I just love the spider! I'm not a huge rat fan but I really like the one in the jar- I guess that's the best place for him to be. :) Your mantel looks great!