Another NinjaGo Birthday Cake & Worm Cupcakes

One of my most popular post is the one about the 
Lego NinjaGo Birthday Cake we made for Jax last year.
Remember it?
It was this red cake that Jake had decorated with a whole Lego NinjaGo scene.
Jax Loved it. It was both a cool cake and a new Lego set for him.
(You can see that post HERE)


 Jax still loves Lego NinjaGo.  So this year for his  
Big 4th Birthday he wanted yet another NinjaGo Cake. 

Jake is getting pretty good at decorating these cakes.
So again, we started off with a cake from our local bakery. We had them frost it in Jax's favorite color, Green.  And then write Happy Birthday Jax in the center of it.


Then we added our own homemade cupcakes. Jake frosted them to look like NinjaGo spinners.
Each one is a different color to match the 5 different ninjas.

 Green being the most important, according to Jax.

And again, Jax was so pleased with his Birthday cake. 

Then we needed to bring a birthday treat to Jax's pre-school class. Jax's favorite candy is Gummy Worms, so we decided to bring 
Dirt and Worm cupcakes.

For these we just frosted up some box-mix cupcakes with  brown chocolate frosting.
Then dipped them into some crushed up Oreo cookies.
And placed a gummy worm on top.

Perfect for Halloween time as well.

They were a big hit with all of the other pre-school kids.

I still can't believe my baby is 4.
My Liam's 7th birthday is next month.  I'm sure I'll be sharing his cake with you too.  And I'm sure it will be Lego themed as well.

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