Weekend Finds & Collections

I have unintentionally started a Vintage Camera Collection.
I first received the small black brownie camera from my mother in law a while back.  Then as you may remember, I dug the black Polaroid camera out of a "free" junk pile that I had just wondered upon. And then last weekend I picked up this Kodak Brownie movie camera from the neighbors yard sale, equipped with lenses and a camera bag.
 I really wish I knew more about cameras, because I'm pretty sure they all still work.


 At the neighbors yard sale, I also picked up this adorable picnic basket.

 It has a fun blue and white gingham liner as well as a matching table cloth.

I have also unintentionally started a collection of  Picnic baskets. I believe I have around 6 or 7 now.  
I love Picnic baskets, not only for the obvious use of storing food at a picnic, but also for additional storage around my home.


 I have displayed my new finds on the shelf in my entry way.

So what collections have you all started?


  1. Love those cameras! They look great displayed. And the picnic baskets are wonderful, too. I was just pricing new ones and they are super expensive! Hopefully I will stumble upon an old one!


  2. Great finds!!! I collect so many things that I am not sure they are considered "collections" but I have started collectng vintage books. Have a good one, Jen


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