Living Room Pictures

A few weeks ago I shared a few of these pictures of my Living Room with City Farmhouse, who featured my house tour as part of a segment called, Style House.
In case you missed it,  you can see it HERE

But I realized I hadn't posted these pictures on my own blog.
So here is how my living room currently looks.

Not too many changes,  I did bring back my plaid pillows from HERE 
I am leaning towards that Campy, Outdoorsy, Lake house look, which I think is Perfect for this time of year.
Do you all know that look?  I'm seeing a lot of it lately.
I'm sure I'll be adding to it and updating it more soon.

Have a Great Day!

P.S.  Because I just received a comment asking me how I keep my house so neat,  I thought I ought to add this last photo,  it was taken oh about 5 minutes after all the others.  Real life.


  1. Hey!

    I absolutely LOVE your blog! I was wondering if i could pick your brains about how you have it so beautiful, mine is an absolute mess lol.



  2. I love your room. I love the look of a lodge or cabin. So cozy, warm, and inviting.

  3. The last picture is my personal favorite! I love the blur of two little boys busy at play. It is obvious that your home is filled with love!

  4. Ha! When you have kids, there will always be toys on the floor!
    I really like that lake house look.

  5. Love your pictures and I had a great time with your post. Hope to read more of your post. Thank you.