Apple Picking

My husband Jake's boss has his own fruit Orchard in his backyard.  He has every fruit tree imaginable. He even has walnut, almond and plumcot trees as well as a pear tree that has several different varieties of pears on it, all in their own little sections. I was in awe.

 Last Saturday he invited us to come "Picking"
Which was a lot of fun, especially for the boys.

Not only does he have an Orchard, but he also has a huge garden filled with lots of veggies as well as Berries....Yum Berries!!  We got to "Pick" whatever we wanted.


 We left with Plenty,  although from the looks of  his garden and tree's you would have never known we were there at all.  He still has soo much.

When we got home, Jake baked the most delicious Blackberry Pie Ever!!!
I'll share that with you all next time.

Have a great Weekend!


  1. Emily, you always take such pretty pictures. And, it's fun to hear that your hubby bakes! --Tanya

  2. Just found your blog and love it. New Follower.


  3. Hi Emily, Your photos are beautiful. We are so looking forward to having "fall" fun, although it feels more like summer still. Thank you for the inspiration:). I hope you had a great summer!!!! Jen