Antique Bench Makeover

So I have had this sweet little bench on my back porch for a year now, just waiting for me to get around to fixing it up. Our summer has been so busy, but I have finally gotten around to it.

My mother in law picked this bench up at a yard sale and just knew I'd love it.
It's obviously very old and I believe it to be a french piece.  It has great lines,  but my favorite part is the cane sides.  I love cane.

We had started working on the piece together, removing the green fabric.  Because it is so old the foam padding had disintegrated and just turned into a dusty mess.  It also had a ton of little tacks that we spent hours removing.

From then, I brought the bench home with me and put it in my furniture graveyard aka my back patio.

 See,  that's the graveyard I'm talking about.  Although all the furniture you see has all been painted now.  I'll show you the dresser next time.  That also means it's time to bring home more furniture.
So ya,  I then found a board from Re-Store, and cut it to fit my bench.

 After a few more months I got around to painting it.  I used a white chalk paint that I mixed up using this recipe here.
 ( found on Pinterest)

.  Love the chalk paint, it covers so good, it dries fast, and it looks great.

 I love how my bench turned out.  So the above picture is just with the wooden top and below I have fitted a pillow on it.  It's just a lumbar pillow I had that fits perfectly.  

So what have you all been working on?
Thank you for stopping by,


  1. Hey's did a great job...and chalk paint rules ! xo


  2. I love it! Working on? Me? Nothing at all - but I'm copying your paint recipe for future use!

  3. That looks so amazing! I LOVE it!

  4. It's gorgeous, Emily! I looks like it took a lot of work, but look at it now! The pillow is perfect with it, too.

  5. It is so beautiful Emily! I am in love;)! Posting this to my facebook, Have a great weekend! Jen

  6. Your bench makeover is absolutely beautiful--so calm and relaxing! I'm now following your blog and look forward to exploring it more.

    Have a great weekend!


  7. Emily,
    This is one beautiful makeover you did here. Coming by from City Farmhouse.


  8. This bench is beautiful =) Love what you did with it!! xo Anja

  9. Hello, Your blog was simply lovely and I like it. You did a great make over. Thank you and keep posting.

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