Lavender Fields

Last Sunday we went to a Lavender Festival. We had gone there a few years ago and I blogged about it here
Lakeside Lavender has the festival here in Idaho just one weekend a year, so you have to watch for it or you'll miss it.
It's just so beautiful and refreshing and smells so heavenly. I'm so happy we were able to go.

When you get there you can pick a wicker basket from the pile, a pair of scissors and a twist tie.
Then for $6 they let you go out into the fields to pick your own bushel.

 While I was out in the fields doing my thing,  my boy's found a little stream to play in.

 They are good sports,  they lasted about a half hour and 4 glasses of lavender lemonade before they were asking to leave.

My husband is the Best.  He was actually the one to see a sign for the festival and asked me if I wanted to go. Such a sweetie.

The field is next to a lake so it makes for some amazingly beautiful scenery.

There are 7 different types of Lavender, and they had them all marked.  I picked the "Grosso"  because I was told it was the most fragrant one.

Beautiful butterflies were floating above the fields

A Perfect Summer Sunday Day!

I brought my lavender bushel home and placed it in a pitcher in my entry way.  That way you can get a big whiff of lavender the second you walk in the door.

  That little white bird you see there?  It was given to me by my best friend Shana,  I blogged about it here.  Anyway I will be selling them in my etsy store soon.  so stay tuned.

Hope you are all enjoying your summer and all the fun that summer brings.


  1. Beautiful photos, love the one of the butterfly infront of the lavender.

  2. I have got to make it next year! Looks like you had a lot of fun and got some wonderful lavendar!


  3. What a fun trip! Lavender is so pretty when you see it like this in a big field. It must have felt like you were in France! It's pretty in your little pitcher, too!


  4. Mmmm. Lavender! I'll bet that smells so good. I've never been able to grow lavender.

  5. Oh Emily - I'm sooo jealous. I love lavender! I must order some as there aren't any farms near where I live, J

  6. So I know jealousy is not a good thing...but I must admit...I'm a little jealous...;) I planted some lavender this hopefully in a couple of years I'll have some beautiful lavender growing in my You look as pretty as the fields....:)


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