Snow balls in my Kitchen. . .Again!

 Last year when my Snowball bush was in bloom I cut some branches off and brought them into my kitchen. (as seen HERE).  This year when my snow ball bush was in bloom I cut some branches off and brought them into my kitchen. . . I know I'm so original!  I just love the way they liven up my kitchen.

I was in need of some new pictures of my kitchen for my House Tour, that I'm working on updating.
But I have to say this may be the hardest room in my whole house to photograph. There is so much natural light in this room that my pictures tend to look washed out.  Can any of you great photographers give me some advice?

 I know these pictures probably look a lot like the pictures I took last year.  But I did try to take some new angles and views to give you more of an idea of the rest of the room. 
Like here:

 And here:

Oh look, there's my new burlap bag from my last post Here.  See I told ya it would probably make it into all of my pictures from now on.

I have a computer full of pictures of  Projects, Recipes and Decorating ideas of mine that I'm just dying to share with ya.  My problem is finding the time to actually get around to blogging about them.  I don't know how you other bloggers find the time to blog so often. 
Any tips on that would be helpful too.

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  1. Your snowballs are so gorgeous!! One of my favorite flowers! I think your kitchen photos look great! I always have trouble photographing rooms with a lot of natural light too. I have been on a roll lately finishing projects around my house, but blogging about them is another story. Photographing, editing, uploading, all takes so much time!

  2. I love snowballs too! Your kitchen is beautiful.

  3. What beautiful pictures:). Your home looks so light & bright. Trying to grow something this year, my flowers were hit hard with salt water during last years hurricane, so jealous of your pretty blooms!


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