4th of July Mantel Updated

Do You Ever look at your house pictures that you have already posted and wanted to tweak a few things?
Well that's what I did after I posted My 4th of July mantel in my last post HERE.
So I have changed up a few things already.

First, I switched out the picture of the old blue barn with this adorable saying that I found on Pinterest.
It is a free printable from HMH Design found HERE

Second, I decided to add a number to my Driftwood Sailboat.
Using some stencils I traced out the numbers onto some red fabric, Cut them out and then mod podged the numbers to my sails.  I love the added detail.

The last thing I switched around was I added this old blue drawer.  You may remember it from HERE.
Inside the drawer is just some driftwood, a few shells and this red bouy.

 I really like this whole Nautical Patriotic look I've got going on.  It makes me dream of celebrating the 4th of July at the beach.  Maybe watch the fireworks from a sailboat out at sea.  Nice right?  A girl can dream.

It's amazing what a difference a few little changes will make.  Loving the look a whole lot more.. . .for now!


  1. This looks gorgeous!!!
    The other one was pretty good too......
    How fun!
    Tania xx

  2. I am the same way:). It looks great!

  3. I love the numbers you added to the driftwood boat! It's funny how something so small can add such a big and fun punch.

  4. It looks SO CUTE! I still love your sailboat, and now I love it even more with the numbers added to it. The printout is great, too. I'd love to celebrate the 4th on the beach, too.

  5. I love how you added the numbers to the sailboat! And I love that printable....I want to paint a sign from it!