Road Trip to Florence, Oregon

Well Hello There!
It's been a while since I've blogged.
Just been busy.
And then as I sat down to blog this morning, I realized that blogger has changed,  and I don't do well with change.  
But,  like always,  I figured it out.  Had to download Google Chrome, which I'm sure all you other bloggers had to do as well.
Anyway,  last week Jake and I took a little Road Trip to the Oregon Coast.  We left the boy's home with Grandma, And we had ourselves a fun little getaway.

We Love the Oregon Coast,  and have been there several times, in fact we were there this time last year.  Remember this post here.  But this time Jake and I decided to just spend time in the city of Florence.
Florence is know for it's 17 lakes and its 47 miles of sand dunes.  It was actually a little bit of a hike to find the ocean. But we did!

The beach was filled with large driftwood. There were also many of these driftwood hut's built everywhere, probably by the locals to hideout, block out the wind, and watch the waves come crashing in. By the way I did bring home a ton of driftwood and have already made something awesome with it.  I'll be sharing that will ya soon.  I also plan to make another driftwood mirror, but this time to sell.

Florence is also known for its historic Old Town.  Old Town is located on the Siuslaw river. It has lots of cute old Victorian buildings that are housed to many restaurants and specialty shops.  

One of my favorite shops was this one here, named 
Divine Decadence.

It had a fun old Hollywood feel to it.  The owner was kind enough to let me snap a few pictures.  Jake bought me a cute new top from there.

Old Town also has this great old draw bridge.  It's beautiful.

 So if you are ever in Florence make sure to stop into old town. Plan a day to play in the dunes, there are also some fun Sea Lion caves to go check out.  We went to them last year, you can see more in this post Here, As well as the beautiful Heceta Head lighthouse. Definitely a fun Vacation spot.

On our way home we stayed in another great little town named, Sisters, OR
Sisters is just about 20 miles outside of Bend.
Sisters has this fun Old Western feel to it. All of the buildings have that western look.  It's feels like you are in old western movie,  for real.
The hotel we stayed at had a Llama Farm.  

Llama's are so stinking cute.  
We even got to feed them.

And just a few more pics on the way out.

Good Bye Beautiful Oregon.
We will be Back!

My trips always inspire me.  Can't wait to show you some changes I have made around my home as well as that driftwood project I told ya about.
until then,
Peace and Love,


  1. Your pictures are just beautiful, Emily! I have never been out that way but I know I would enjoy the beach and the dunes! All the driftwood is awesome and I can't wait to see what you have made with it!

    Have a great week!


  2. Wow! I've hardly been out of Georgia! Thanks for sharing! The beaches are different there in a deserted island sort of way. I think I need that kind of trip!

  3. That looks like a great getaway! I can't wait to see your project.

  4. Oh Em, I love your pictures! You captured everything in and around Florence so perfectly. Thanks for sharing your beautiful beach vacation on your blog. Love you!

  5. Hi Em,
    How fun...!!!
    Sometimes you need to get away to appreciate coming home.
    I can't wait to see your next project......
    Have a lovely day!!!
    Tania @ Scandi.Coast.Home

  6. We love the Oregon coast too, and know Florence. Your photos of the antique shop were familiar!


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