Pottery Barn Summer Catalog

I know I say this every year,  but it's true.  Pottery Barn's Summer catalog is my very best favoritest!
I don't get the catalogs sent to me in the mail because I like to make a special trip to the store every season.  Just walking into that store gives me so much inspiration.  I usually don't buy anything unless I find some amazing deal.  Like this! I picked up this cute burlap bag on my last visit, I thought it was reasonable for $7.50

It's really cute and has a nice plastic lining,  which makes it pretty practical for groceries and what not.

It was just what I needed to haul all of my new catalogs home in.

Now when I sit down to read my new catalogs, 
 I take notes in them. 
 (I know I'm such a dork. . . but I bet I'm not the only one).
It's because of all of their wonderful ideas. Pottery Barn's stylist are such Genius's sometimes.
Like this idea here to fill a large jar full of small bottles, a candle and some sea shells.  So cool!  They're not selling that it's just something added off to the side.

I tend to pick up on all of the little details.  I also take notes on things I think I can make myself.  For example, these seashell napkin rings.  I'm thinking I can use my seashell necklaces to re-create them.

I also think both of these mirrors would be great to re-create.
I fell in love with the rope one when I saw it in the store.

So right now I have my burlap bag hanging in my entryway.  I'm sure if you look for it, it will make it into a lot of my picture from now on.

I also thought I'd share a few of my favorite rooms from the Summer Catalogs.

Who doesn't love Pottery Barn.
want to see more?  Go to the Pottery Barn Website HERE.


  1. I love pottery barn..waiting for my catalog..live to far from a store..Thanks for the preview

  2. Love all the nautical catalogs from PB. Could you share the font you use ? I love it

  3. Hi! I recieved my catalog yesterday and I've been all thur it twice already:) I love PB and your so right they have the best decor items that aren't for sale!

  4. Just got mine in the mail today, always a favorite to get ideas from. Good idea about writing notes throughout it, I might steal that idea ;)

  5. I just got mine in the mail today, too. I think I'll sit down right now and give it a look. I like your burlap bag.

  6. I do the same exact thing:). I stuy every detail so I can do it myself or something like it. Got mine today, been through it a few times already, love it too! Have a great night!

  7. i love pb, we dont have one here in canada :(..thanks

  8. I also order the PB catologs! Love all the pictures you chose to share.

  9. Hi there,

    We have my service on the ship at this time, overly. It looks like Factors sit a while at this moment and gives it all an investigation. I'm keen on your company burlap back pack.


  10. I do love Potter Barn.... but what is up with those things on the wall on page 5. Are they side pictures of teeth? Are they rocks????? Let me know if you can figure it out :)

    Happy Memorial Day!


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