Bottles and Driftwood Mantel

 Hello!  Happy Monday!
I hope all of you Mother's had a Wonderful Mothers Day yesterday.
I sure did. I  Love my boy's to pieces.  I think everyday being their Mommy is a celebration.

So remember my Driftwood Sailboat I shared  in my last post HERE
Well I have it on my Mantel and I thought I'd share that with ya today.
But first I just wanted to mention that obviously my Sailboat is a Knock off.  I have been inspired by these beautiful handcrafted ones made by Whiteflower Farmhouse for such a long time.  And since my recent trip to the coast I thought I'd give it a shot.
But if you would like a sailboat too, definitely go check them out, if you haven't already.

So I just kept my mantel really simple. I added a bunch of bottles,  a few pictures, some driftwood and a bucket full of snowballs.

 Here's a mirror image from across the room.

 I filled my crate with the rest of the driftwood pieces I picked up.  Like I said, I plan to make another driftwood mirror.

 I also picked up the bucket on our trip as a Thank you gift to my mother in law for watching the boys.  I thought it was really cool because it has a little pocket with holes on the inside.  I'd never seen a bucket like this before.  When I gave it to my MIL she said, "oh cute a Mop Bucket" maybe not the best idea.  She also went home on a plane so there was not way of taking it with her. So I'll have to bring it with me the next time we come down.  Anyway,  I think it looks adorable filled with some branches off my snowball bush.

 A view from the kitchen.

Remember the story of the Marin?  and No I'm still not allowed to paint it white. 
I also made a few other changes to my living room.  I'll show you those next time.
Have a Wonderful Week!


  1. Looking at your mantel is like spending a day at the beach. Love it!

    Susan and Bentley

  2. Hi Emily,
    I found you a few weeks ago & linked you from my blog. I live on the coast of Long Island, NY and thought your blog was very nicely done with the coastal theme:)! Your boat that you made I actually have one myself in my 2yr olds room, White Flower Farmhouse is my FAVORITE store. I actually did a post today with all the things I bought from her shop yesterday. We have very similar taste! Have a great night.

  3. My house is ready for a makeover. I've got a French bistro thing going on in the kitchen and a beach cottage thing going on in my living room and a very eclectic and mismatched thing going on in every other room. I knew all I needed was to come on over to your blog to get some inspiration. It worked! Of course it did. You always inspire me, Emily.

  4. I absolutely adore your mantel :) That driftwood sailboat stole my heart, but this collection is absolutely stunning.


  5. Your mantle is so pitch perfect! Not a wrong note anywhere.
    Nothing wrong with a knockoff! My whole house is furnished with them. :)