Book page Bottles

 I have a fun little project to share with you today.  I call it,
Book page Bottles.

This project is a really cute way to recycle those empty wine and spirits bottles 
that you may have on hand.
The first thing you need to do is collect and wash your bottles, removing all labels. 
Once the bottles are clean and dry, it's time to spray paint them.
I like to use Rustoleum brand in a glossy white.
  While you wait for the paint to dry, find an image online and print it out. You are looking for an image that has a nice silhouette to it. 
 I think this is a 5 X 7 but fit yours to whatever size bottle you have.

   Next, find an old book that you don't plan to ever read again and rip a page out.  
Cut the image down to size and place it on the page.

 Note: You may want to scan the page first to make sure that the content is good. . . . as you see here,  I did not do this and now my pretty little flower bottle says, "Hitler" on it.  Not Good!

Tape the image onto the book page and carefully cut out. 

Using a small paint brush, Mod Podge the cutout onto your bottle.

 First spread the Mod podge onto the back side of the image and place on bottle. Next, Mod podge over the top of your image to seal it. The Mod podge will dry clear.
And that is it! You will then have a pretty little book page bottle.

I made butterflies, birds, and flowers because I was thinking Spring,  but you could do any image you would like.
I have placed mine on a shelf in my kitchen.

It was really simple and really fun to make. And the best part is that it didn't cost a thing.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I LoVe this idea!
    Eventually (after all my other half done projects) I'm going to do this ;o)
    Tania xx

    1. One of the main advantages of recycling the glass bottles is to save the energy that is required to make brand new bottles. These used glass bottles are crushed and melted to make new products. RS Glass bottle

  2. Love these so much. I do lots of things with bottles, buttons and book pages, but I love your take on it.

  3. Those are really cute! I like that they're neutral but still springy.

  4. I agree with Suzanne neutral but springy and could go anywhere to make a great grouping! Really neat!

  5. Hey Emily,
    I happened across your blog soon after Grandma died. It's fun checking in to see your projects and I just LOVE these bottles. I was at the store today and picked up a cheap glass bottle so I could give it a try. The bottle is outside drying right now perched on a sad dead tree limb in my backyard. I sell handmade items at a local boutique and think this would be the perfect addition to my display. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Awesome! would love to make these, would be a nice center piece for a wedding table too!

  7. I'm going to make some with my and my fiance's initials to use as table centerpieces for our wedding!!! Can't wait! :)

  8. Emily! you have done great job,I love it!

  9. Onde comprar este produto????Mod podge.
    Parabéns ficaram lindas !!!!

  10. Beautiful and easy! I'll give it a try, love the butterflies.

  11. Amei., simplesmente lindaas., parabens pela criatividade.,

  12. Olá, muito lindos seus trabalhos, leveza, bom gosto, visual agradavel demais , parabéns !

  13. Lovely. What kind of spray paint did you use for that luminous look?

  14. Yes I'd like to know what type/brand paint? Love these!!! So pretty...neutral, goes with so many themes....

  15. Grazie per la bellissima idea, tengo sempre molte bottiglie, perchè mi piace la loro forma, ma non so mai cosa farne, con questo chiarissimo post, mi hai dato una bellissima idea!!! - Ancora grazie per la condivisione, e per i preziosi consigli, un carissimo saluto, di vero cuore da Patrizia, dal Veneto, in Italia.