Spring Chicks

It's that time of year again when all of the baby chicks start hatching.
I took my boys to D&B Supply to look at all of them.
They are so cute. 
Little Chirpy Furballs.
Of course my boys wanted to buy some.... and I was almost tempted at 79 Cents a piece

But then I remembered that they grow up to be chickens.
As much as I love the idea of owning chickens and collecting my own Fresh, Organic Eggs every day, I'm Frighted of them.  They freak me out with their beady red eyes and clawy feet.

But they are so Sweet as Chicks.
I'm thinking Maybe if I get a baby Chick and watch it grow, I may overcome my fear. Maybe?

 My Boy's we're mesmerized.

We even saw a few Ducklings mixed in.
The Store usually has some bunnies too,  but they just happened to be fresh out.

 Another reason I want Chickens is because of all of the Amazing Chicken Coops I've seen lately.  I'm sure you've all seen this Beautiful one from the Fancy Farmgirl.  But by chance you haven't you can see more of it  here.

Who knew a Chicken Coop could be so Beautiful.
Here is another picture from it.

Here is another Great one.  So Charming!
You can see more of this one, Here

I'm sure anticipating spring.  I've enjoyed these warmer/lighter days.
I have been opening up all of the window to let in some fresh air.
I've also brought in some flowers that my sweetie Jake brought home for me.

Welcome Spring!


  1. I totally hear you. I HATED chickens, but my husband and sons wanted to get chickens so we did. We didn't go the chick route. I didn't want them in the house, remember I HATED chickens. So we bought pullets (teenage girls of the chicken family). It might have been two hours after we got them before I was completely and hopelessly in love with and devoted to my chickens. There's just something about them. Anyway I recommend it and your boys will get a kick out of it. My boys actually help take care of the chickens, unlike all of their other pets that they HAD to have...fish, lizards, crabs, the list sadly goes on.

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