How to: Handpainted Signs

Hello Sunshine!
I thought today I would show you how I created my
Sunshine Cottage Sign.
(Try saying that 3 times)
It all started with this piece of wood I bought at Re-Store for $1

I just loved the bright yellow paint on it and knew it would make the cutest sign.
So I brought it home and gave it a good scrubbing, It was pretty yucky.

I laid it out with the help of my kitchen stools.
Then using Chalk and a Ruler I made a border on the top and on the bottom. This worked as my guide. Because I was free handing the letters,  I wanted them to be straight and all the same size.

I could have used stencils...  but I didn't have any big enough.
I could have printed off some lettering from the computer and then traced it on,  but that seemed like a lot of work.
So I decided to Free Hand it!

So using the chalk I wrote out Sunshine Cottage.
I did erase it and start over a few times, Just to get it all centered. Once I got it to where I liked it, I traced the letters with a pencil.

I then removed some of the chalk just by wiping lightly with a paper towel. I didn't remove it completely because I still wanted it to help as a guide.  I just wanted to make sure that there wasn't any big chunks that could mess up the paint.
From there I used a small paintbrush and carefully painted over the pencil marks.
I let it dry, and then gave it another coat of paint using an even smaller paintbrush which worked great for cleaning up the edges.
 Here is how it turned out.

Ironic that it was such a Gloomy day when I shot this picture. Don't ya think?

As you already know this sign was SOLD at my flea Market booth.
 I also had a few other signs for sale that I had made a while back using barnwood and stencils.

 This one I've kept for myself.

  I also have this one for Sale.  I think I'll probably add it to my etsy store since it didn't sell at the Flea.  But can I just tell ya,  It was so funny,  Like at least 2 people came up to me and asked if I was selling Berries, and Where are the Berries?  I had wished I did have some berries to sell them,  They seemed pretty confused and disappointed.

Anyway,  don't be too scared to hand write your own sign.   I was happy with the way mine turned out.


  1. It looks almost stenciled, it's so perfect! Love all the signs!


  2. I thought you did stencil it~it looks great!
    Maybe you should set out a bowl of strawberries next time. :)