How to add texture using Sand And a Spring Vignette

So I have this Great friend named Shana and I know I have talked about her before in this post here titled Plants & Gardens.
Shana loves to garden and in that post I shared a few pictures of her beautiful flowers as well as shared a great little tip of hers about how to add more foliage to your house plants.
Shana is also very crafty.  She e-mailed me these pictures a while back of a little project she had come up with.
She had seen some cool textured birds around and decided to create here own.

 She found some cute little green ceramic birds, covered them in glue using a paint brush.  Then she poured Sand over them to give it that cool texture. Waited for the glue to dry and then painted them with white craft paint.
(The picture above on the left is the Before and After).
This is such a great idea,  you could try it on lots of different objects and paint them whatever color you wish.  I think it would be neat to try on clay pots as well. 

The little birds had a hole in the bottom. This worked good for Shana to hold with her finger while she painted it.  Then she signed it,  And.....

Sent me some for my Birthday that was a few weeks ago.  The package was just so fun and thoughtful.  It also had a beautiful bird picture that looked like a painting on a metal sign and a cute little wooden stand for it.

Thanks Shana!

I have brought it all into my bedroom and created a little Spring Vignette on top of my dresser.  I hung the metal bird picture up in an old drawer.

Then placed the sweet little birds around.
They are so cute.  I like them both, the original green as well as the white textured one.
They make me Happy when I look at them.

Here is a little more of my little corner of the room.

One day I will paint that old 70's dresser,  but not anytime soon.  I have been super busy getting things ready for my booth at the Idaho expo Flea Market coming this weekend.  I'll be sure to get a quick post in to show you some of the projects and finds I've been working on to sale.

Thanks for stopping by.
and Thanks Shana for letting me share your great ideas.  Keep them coming!


  1. Pretty vignette! Love the birds! And the blue distressed wooden box of books. Lovely!
    Sherry's Bees Nest

  2. That is such a great idea!
    I LoVe your vignette too......
    That dresser will look so beautiful when it's painted...
    make sure you post pics!
    Tania Maree xx

  3. Hi, I just thought I'd let you know that I put a link to one of your blog posts on my most recent post.
    Have a great day!!!
    Tania Maree xx

  4. I really like how you layered everything. It makes a pretty and interesting vignette. Cute, cute birds!
    Good luck at the expo!


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