Freshening up the Living Room

 A little while ago, while my husband, Jake was in Las Vegas for his annual guys weekend, I decided to "Girlify" our living room.
It wasn't really intentional,  It just sort of happened on it's own.  I first brought in some of Jake's Grandpas paintings and then decided to play up on the color a bit.  Yes, I said Color.  It's a new thing for me.
And because my Jake is such a good sport and so supportive, he told me it looked nice.  I'm sure he also knows that it will be switched around again in a month or two.

What is so funny is that my last post was all about dark and masculine rooms.  I was totally inspired by them and wanted to bring that into my home,  and here I have done the Complete Opposite.
My Room is now Bright Colorful and kinda Girly!

 It sure is nice to come in from the gloomy outdoors to a bright, sunny, happy room.
It feels like a early Spring pre-view.

 Hello Abby!

I've also freshened up my shelves.
I brought in some bottles, twigs and butterflies.

I found this white wire basket at the thrift store recently.  I had planed to spray paint it silver,  but then decided I liked it white for now.  It's Perfect for holding all of my many decorating magazines.

 Linking up to this Refreshing Party today over at Jennifer Rizzo.  Come see her beautiful living room as well as many others.  Just click on the pictures to stop by.

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  1. Your pictures looks a shoot for a magazine...your living room is so stylish! Love your fireplace and touches of color! I switch my pieces around a lot, too. It's nice to have different themes and a change of scenery!


  2. Everything looks so fresh and pretty. I love the pops of red and blue over your fireplace, and that trunk is great on your hearth area.

    Lovely all around...

  3. I love the colors you've adding it seems to have changed the whole feel of the room. Wonderful job.

  4. It looks great! I love the spring feel and I love that cabinet!

  5. I sound like a dork. I meant shelves. Shelves. my fingers go faster than my brain sometimes.

  6. Hi Emily,
    Your living area looks gorgeous!! I love the things you put in front of the fireplace and that shelf in the last photos is amazing!
    Love your blog, so glad you found me so I could find my way to you!
    Hope you have a lovely day.

  7. found you over at Jennifer's Love your blog, and what a cutie (puppy) I have Boston's.. Your living room is so nice and cozy glad I found you, Your going on my side bar....


  8. It's beautiful, Emily! You did do something dark~that black box on your hearth is awesome! I like the pictures you have above the fireplace, too.

  9. hi there!! your home is & family is cute,cute,cute..hope you dont mind that im here:)..thank you for the tour.


  10. Love your room! It looks great!

  11. Gorgeous space!!!Thanks for sharing!!xx

  12. Gorgeous!! Love your fireplace & mantel display!! Simple elegance!


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