Gift Wrapping

 It's exactly One week until Christmas!  Are you all ready?  I am mostly,  just some baking and wrapping is all I have left to do.
I really enjoy wrapping presents....just not so much when it's late at night on Christmas Eve. So I'm trying to get most of it wrapped early.

My Christmas tree looks even more Cheery with gifts under it.

 This year I made these Cardboard flowers to add to my gifts. 
I'm sure you have all seen these a bunch lately. I first saw them here on pinterest.  They were made for Christmas tree ornaments.
And then recently I found them again here on Morning T blog.  I loved how she used them on her gifts.
 They were super easy to make. You just cut up a toilet paper or paper towel roll into 1/2 inch sections, then hot glue it into the shape of a flower.. or star.  You can also paint them and add glitter,  which I may still do on some of them, but I kinda like them brown,  there is kinda a woodsy look to them.

I think they look adorable tied up on my gifts.

 I created a little Gift Wrapping Station
here with my basket.  It's nice to have everything organized and at hand.

 I have also come across a ton of  Free Tag Printables on Pinterest.  I've just printed off a few of them,  but if you look around you'll be able to find even more. 
You can find these ones that are shown below  Here and Here.  Then all you do is print them off onto card stock, cut them out and add them to your gifts.

 I've also made some sticker tags by stamping my cute Christmas stamps on to a sheet of mailing labels .
{These are fun for the kids to make too}.

Another tag I made are these simple reindeer ones. I found this wrapping paper last year that I just loved.  Then all I did was cut out some of the reindeer and glued them onto cardboard tags.

 I also like to add small branches from my pinetree to my gifts. 

 But My Very Favorite Present  under the tree is this one here.
Liam wrapped it for his little bro Jaxon.  He came up with the idea of writing on the paper all by himself.  It's a great idea,  I think I may have to copy him on that one.  Try a little subway art,  or write a little message.

Happy Wrapping!


  1. Wow! You have some wonderful ideas! I have to try the little flower...I don't put bows on until Christmas Eve so they don't get crushed, so that gives me time. I love your tags and labels, too!

    The gift from Liam to Jax is just adorable! Subway!


  2. Your wrapping is just darling!!! Looks like you are having a fun time.

  3. I like your wrapping very much! Mine is just about all done - just one or two wee things left to go under the tree.

  4. hmm..........I really like your idea of putting the cardboard flowers on the presents! I might need to copy you! :)

  5. Wonderful - your cardboard flowers are awesome (and I bet they could get a second life once the gifts are unwrapped!).

  6. I love those flowers! They do look great just plain. I'm using brown paper with gold stars this year, and some flowers would just top it all off!