Halloween Recap

 My Family had an Awesome Halloween,  How about yours?
This Year, Liam was dressed as Captain Rex (Star Wars)  and Jax was a Ninja Go (Lego's)

 Originally we were going to be a Ninja Family, remember in my last post,  even Abby the dog was a Ninja.  But then Liam decided he really wanted to be Captain Rex instead.  And That was Totally Okay.

I sure had fun being a Ninja for a night, Jake as well.

And Liam made the best Captain Rex.

 But the absolute Funnest part of the night was watching this one...

This was the first year he really GOT IT,  and he was so into character, running down the streets with soo much excitement. 
But for some reason he kept saying, " Trick Or Cheese"  Not sure where he picked that up from.
It was a Wild night,  They got more Candy then I can deal with...Talk about a Sugar High!  But I have never seen then Sleep so Soundly as they did last night.
Now I've got to go put away all the Halloween Decoration, I'm one who has to take everything down the day after or it drives me nuts.

Happy November Everyone!

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