Bathroom Changes

A while back I made a few small changes in my bathroom, but never got around to sharing it.  So here we go.
You may remember in this post here, where I mentioned how excited I was to figure out that a full size bed sheet could be used as a shower curtain.  All you need to do is trim the bottom, hem the sides and make a few button holes on top. 
I love this idea so much because most store bought shower curtains don't hang to the floor and my bathtub is an ugly peachy color that I prefer to keep hidden.

My new Navy and White stripped shower curtain wasn't made from a sheet but a large piece of fabric.  Either way,  Changing out your shower curtain is an easy way to make big changes in your bathroom. 

Ok so since taking these pictures,  I've made a few more changes.  You see the mirror and little shelf here, Well.......

 My Liam being the boy that he is, thought that little shelf would hold him as he climb up to the sink.  Which then of course all came crashing down.  Liam is fine, but it left a few large holes in my wall.  So I had to come to a decision, Do I A: Patch up the holes,  re paint,  add some anchors and re hang the shelf or B: Hide it.  I'm sure you can figure out which one I choose.
This large picture frame was the perfect solution.  I then added a smaller picture inside and hung a seashell on the hanging wire.  I may just like it even better.

 And my last Great idea was that I used a wooden hanger to hang the hand towel.  I'm taking all the credit for this one.  I've never seen it done before.  I just thought it would be something fun and different.

Thank You for stopping by.
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  1. Sounds exactly like something my boys would do! :) Your bathroom looks so very pretty! I just love the fresh nautical look you've acheived!

  2. I like what you have done, Emily! I have a white bathroom just so I can change out my shower curtain often. I wish I could sew, there are so many pretty sheets out there.

    I love the nautical look, the picture and the starfish, very cute. And what a great way to hag your hand towel. Great job!


  3. The striped curtain looks fantastic. Love it. I'm also a fan of wicker, although we often call it cane here in Australia.

  4. The towel hanging hanger is a wonderful idea! And I've never seen it before! Of course, in my family we have to stick with a hook... or else the towel is just wadded up and kind of stuck in the hanger... men!


  5. I love your coastal look - so crisp and bright!

  6. Nice makeover, your bathroom looks great. Everything in white is adding more beauty to your bathroom and one more thing, it seems that you are a great lover of wicker as at each and every place one can see a wicker basket being placed.