Rake Head

Happy Monday!  Hope you all had a Wonderful Weekend.
So we had an old Rake laying around in the garage.  I always knew one day I would use it as hooks on my wall.
I've seen pictures of Rakes used as hooks before,  I've seen them used to hang jewelry, ties and even wine glasses. I've always thought it was such a clever idea.
It wasn't until I found it sticking out of the trash can that I decided to hang it up.  Apparently, Jake didn't see the beauty of it,  He just saw it as an old rake that was falling apart....Men!
Anyway,  I managed to rescue it before the garbage trucks came.

My bread box is new.  I recently picked it up at my new favorite store,  The Vintage Home, located on Main in Meridian, Idaho.  If you live in the area I highly suggest you go check it out.  Or better yet, give me a call and we'll go together.

HOGShow and Share Day


  1. Hi Emily ~ such a cute idea with the rake and I love how it looks with your bell and sign! I love your new header too ~ so charming!!

  2. & I've been searching for a wine glass rack that I liked!!! I LOVE THIS, now where am I going to find old rake heads...

    Thank you for this wonderful inspiration.

  3. A great idea! I love things repurposed.

  4. Totally love it! What a treasure to find sticking out of the trash! I'm your newest follower!

  5. I absolutely LOVE that! The wine glasses look great...I need to find me an old rake now;) I am glad you rescued yours...my husband throws out everything. Men.
    P.S. Your kitchen looks beautiful!

  6. What a great way to use it. It looks amazing with the bell, the colors are so similar.