Pug O Ween

You all remember my Sweet Little Abby pug, Right?  Well every year at Halloween I dress her up and take her to a Pug O Ween Party.  And No I'm not Ashamed to admit it.  One year she was a bumble bee,  Another year a fairy.

 Here is the Year she was a Lobster.

But I think my favorite was the year I dressed her up as a Naughty School Girl.

 Here is one of her friends from that years party.

 for some reason we were unable to attend last year,  so it was extremely important to take Abby this year and show her a good time.  This year we dressed her up as a Ninja.

Don't let that sad little smirk fool ya..... She Loves it!

The Parties are always so much fun.  Full of Pug decorations and Candy and of course lots and lots of doggy treats.

 Our favorite costumes this year were this cute little Yellow Submarine.

and this Cool Punk Rocker.

All of the Pugs have a Great Time.  I would guess there were about 70 pugs there.

The Pug O Ween is sponsored by a Pug Meet up group.  They also have monthly Pug Meets.  If you own a pug and would like to find a Meet up in your area,  You can search for one here


  1. All of this sounds like a lot of fun! Abby looks darling in all of her outfits!


  2. Abby is adorable! Sounds like a great time for her.

  3. Your Abby is so cute! I have two pugs- Sophie and Bailey...they would love to play dress up! I am a new follower!