Lego Birthday Cakes

Over the Weekend my little Jaxon turned 3!

Because he is such a Big fan of Lego NinjaGo we decided he needed a Lego NinjaGo Birthday Cake. Obviously!

Jake stayed up late the night before putting together a Lego NinjaGo set.

Which we simply added to a pre-ordered bakery cake.  It really filled the cake perfectly.
{oh and by the way,  Don't ever get Red Frosting!!!  It stains very easily and turns your kid into looking like the Joker}.

 Jax was very Satisfied with his Cake.

We did the same kind of cake last year for our other son, Liam.  But with his we did a Lego Starwars snow troopers scene.

 Liam had had a whole Lego theme party.  Where I used Lego's for the decorations.

 These were the invites we sent out.

I printed "Lego" out on some colored card stock and then used a shot glass to trace out the circles.  Then they are just glued onto a folded card stock card.

This year for Liam's Birthday we will actually be going to Lego Land!  My boy's could not be any more excited!

I just wish they wouldn't grow up soo dang Fast!


  1. Cute! I'm having a lego party too on Saturday for our Sons 6th! Yours looks great and the cake looks fantastic!!!!

  2. That looks like a party he'll remember! Cute, Emily!

  3. Love the idea for the cakes! Gonna have to copy what you did lol!


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