Corn Maze & A Pumpkin Patch

A little family tradition that we've started, is every Fall we hit up a Corn Maze and Pick out some Pumpkins at a Pumpkin Patch.  There are a few different farms here in Idaho to pick from, this year we went to one named, Linder Farms.

I Love a good Corn Maze to get lost in.

  I also Love a big Red barn out in the country.

 We had a fun day playing around.

We went for a Hay Ride.

 And hiked around the Pumpkin Patches.

We picked out a few Great big ones.

My boys taking a little rest.

 And of Coarse, Jake had to find the Best, Biggest Pumpkin Ever!

A Great Day.  My Favorite part of Fall for Sure!


  1. Oh a beautiful day! I just love that red barn! Mimi xx

  2. What a lot of fun! We used to do this when our children were young and I love that our son and DIL have continued with their two little boys. Our grandsons are a lot like your little fellows - a four year old blondie and an almost-three year old red head. I miss them!