Another Halloween Display

 Here is another Halloween display at my house.
I've just mixed in some more Halloween decorations with what was already on my antique book shelf.

I found the black mesh at the dollar store.  I like it because it's a lot less messy than the traditional cobwebs,  but still it gives off that Spooky look.

You can also find a couple Rats mixed in.  I even have another one on my mantel. I've got quite the little Rat collection going on.  Probably because in real life they FREAK me out....Possibly my biggest fear.  So It makes sense to use them as  SCARY decorations.  They seriously give me Chills down my Spine just looking at them.

 The Beautiful White Pumpkins came from our day at the Pumpkin Patch.

Halloween is just in a Week!  If I don't post again by then, Have a


  1. Halloween with a touch of class! I love the wreath...what is it made out of?


  2. I hate RATS too! All rodents put fear in my veins. Spiders are cute, though. You are such a fun mom, always putting up super-fun decor each holiday. We're rather boring with our 2 pumpkins and fall wreath. Yep, that's it. Did you decorate the outside of your house too? Did you put Jake's freaky monster-head-thing in the yard?


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