Plaid Pocket Pillow

 I'm going to teach you how to make a Pocket Pillow today.  These are fairly simple to make because there is no hand sewing, zippers, Velcro or buttons to add.  All you need is fabric and a sewing machine.

I purchased this plaid fabric as well as this large picnic basket at a thrift store recently.  And you should already know that I was super excited about the plaid lining on the inside of the basket.
Yes, I am Mad for Plaid!
Somebody else really liked my basket too.

 OK, so Step 1. Measure.
I laid my insert pillow onto my fabric and cut leaving about 6 extra inches around and about 2 extra inches on each side.
 Step 2. Hem the sides.
Fold (and iron if you wish) 1 1/2 inches from both sides of the fabric that fold over the pillow. Then sew down.
 Step 3. Find the center of your pillow.  Mark it with a pin.
Fold one side over (front facing in) 3 inches past your center mark.  Pin into place

Repeat on the other side, again 3 inches past the center mark.
 Step 4.  Sew a 1 inch hem down both sides of the pillow.
 It should then look like this.
 Last Step. Stuff your insert pillow into the open slit of your new pillow cover.
 This is what the back side of the pillow looks like.
 I've brought my pillow and new picnic basket into my Living Room.
More pictures of the room to come.


  1. I just love plaid, it is always interesting and never boring.
    It is so refreshing for a change.
    The pillows look great but I esp. like the picnic basket with Batman.
    I am hosting a giveaway celebrating my 100th follower, drop by. Kathy

  2. It's interesting that here in Australia you really don't see much plaid (or tartan as we call it) I always think it an American thing. The most I have ever seen in plaid is picnic rugs! Maybe one day it'll catch on more here. Nice blog!