Plaid Month Wrap-Up

 Hope you all have enjoyed Plaid Month as much as I have. But sadly it must come to an end,  since today is the last day of September.
But I have a desktop full of Plaid inspiration pictures that I still need to share.  So I'm just going to cram them all in at the last minute. 

 Country Living

 Ralph Lauren

 Ralph Lauren
(Hubba! Hubba! I think I need to buy this shirt for my Jake :)

 Pottery Barn


Ha Ha Just Kidding!
when I googled Plaid for Inspirations,  I got a lot of this.
Should have known better!

I think this just may be my favorite picture of all.  Love the little boys shirts hanging and the wagon full of books.

The V Spot.
Love how she covered a pumpkin with an old flannel shirt.  See how here.

And Lastly, I leave you with a Plaid House.  Seriously!  When my friend over at Pondside commented that there was a plaid (Tartan) house in her Hometown, just outside of Sydney on Cape Breton.  I asked her to Please share. Isn't this fun?

She also shared a few traditional Tartan prints.
 Cape Breton Tartan

Nova Scotia Tartan.

I also got a comment from Maria at Renovating on a shoestring that I thought was interesting.  This is what she said,
 " It's interesting that here in Australia you really don't see much plaid (or tartan as we call it) I always think it an American thing. The most I have ever seen in plaid is picnic rugs! Maybe one day it'll catch on more here. Nice blog!

I just want to thank you all for reading my blog, and for all of your sweet comments.  It truly makes my day brighter.


  1. Oh I love plaid, beautiful examples you've got here, and cute lumberjack too!;)

  2. Ah, that was satisfying for we plaid lovers! Plaid has always been popular in Canada. There is a national tartan, each province has a tartan - I have a collection of kilts that includes one floor length Cape Breton tartan - love them all!

  3. I love all your examples of plaid!! I especially love that lamp in the first picture-just gorgeous!!

  4. A plaid house! That's too funny!
    I really enjoyed plaid month, Emily! I think I might need a plaid lampshade or three.

  5. I really like all this plaid!! I am a new follower.

  6. Never been a plaid girl.
    After stumbling on to your blog... perhaps I like plaid... a little bit after all.
    Gorgeous blog, adding myself.

    Have a great one!