Picnics and Plaid

Over Labor day weekend, my little family met up with some friends for a fun little hike and picnic.  We went to Cascade Springs, Located in Midway, UT.
We Packed up the car with coolers full of sandwiches and Lemonade, a picnic basket, and a big plaid blanket to spread out on.
But when we got there, there was a big sign that said, "No Picnicking"  Seriously? Such a Bummer!  So we had to have a little tailgate picnic in the parking lot instead.

 It's such a beautiful spot.  Lot's of cascading springs and bridges.  So it was all ok in the end, even if I didn't get the picnic I was hoping for.  I am such a sucker for Picnics.

 I came across some other pictures of Picnics and Plaid that I thought I'd share.  The two just go hand in hand.

 I Want these Plates.

I think Plaid has such an Outdoorsy, cozy, fall feeling to it.


  1. What do they have against picnics?? I'm glad you had a good time anyway.
    Picnics do need plaid!

  2. You have a lovely home and a cute blog! I'm going to look around some more!

  3. I love plaid too! All your inspiration photos have me thinking its time to dig it all out.

  4. Wow - some state or municipal officials have some answering to do - 'no picnicking'....really? In this time of constraint they want to stop families from enjoying a simple, healthy pleasure? It makes me crazy!

  5. I am passionate about plaid too. For picnics, for dishes, clothing and bags.So charming and always in style!

    Susan and Bentley

  6. The only thing I can't pass up in a thrift store is a great quality plaid wool blanket. I asked my husband if he thinks I'll become a plaid wool blanket hoarder - you never know. And I LOVE the old plaid Thermos and tin plaid picnic basket. Preppy at heart, I guess.


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