My Fall Mantle

Hello.  So because it is still September, and because I'm so not ready for summer to end, I have decided to make my fall mantel a little more cheery.  I've purposely stayed away from the obvious pumpkins and orange leaves, but I have brought in other elements like apples and sunflowers that still says Fall.

 The First thing I did was paint my window frame white.  I wanted it to have a worn look to it,  so I just gave it a light coat of white and then sanded it pretty good.

I made the Apple Orchard sign by simply stenciling the letters onto a piece of old fence wood.
I stole the logs (which I've made into candle holders) out of my mother in laws garage...well actually I didn't steal them,  she was fully aware that I took them, since I made her level them out for me.  Seriously that woman is amazing.  She found me attempting to saw them with no luck.  She then takes her saw and goes to town with it. Love Her!

I stole the apples out of my neighbors tree... Just kidding I asked first.  He kinda looked at me strange when I told him I needed them for decorating my mantle.  I just wanted them to have the leaves and stems still on them, So they would have that fresh picked look that I was going for. And you just can't buy them that way at the grocery store.
I did however steal the picture of the cows in the barn.  I found it on Pinterest and printed it out.  Is that Bad?

 I know it's still Plaid Month here at the Wicker House,  but I just couldn't seem to work plaid into my mantle.  But the plaid pillow that I made here, ties in nicely.

Happy Fall, Friends!
Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Your fall mantel is absolute perfection!! I think everything balances the other out so nicely. I like the pops of color amongst the white too. The log candle sticks are awesome! Such great texture. The apples are perfect for fall and will last a long time. Great job!!

  2. Your mantel looks wonderful! I found a beautiful plaid wool(I think wool) blanket at a yardsale and paid very little money for it. It's big and beautiful...thought of your love of plaid when I found it.

  3. Lovely Emily! I'm sooo enjoying everyone's creativity on their mantels. :) I'm a sucker for windows and shutters, so you had me at picture #1!

  4. I think your mantel looks very pretty! It's fresh looking, and you don't see a lot of fresh in fall decor. The apples are a great touch!

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  7. Love the candles sticks, genius!! If you lived closer we would have so much fun shopping(WFFH) and makin stuff:). Great mantle Emily!!!Jen