Bringing Plaid into the Bedroom

 Lately I've been having fun dressing up my headboard with different fabrics and blankets.  I just fold and tuck the blanket around my black slatted existing headboard. It sort of gives the idea of a padded headboard, but without having to make the commitment.  So here I've used a Plaid blanket,  of course.

 I also have temporarily covered my lampshade with some more plaid fabric.  When I say temporarily, it just means I've got tape holding it together on the inside.  I like to change things around so often that it's better if I make things easy to switch out.

 A also added some of the same plaid fabric to a couple of picture frames.  I simply just covered the cardboard in the frame with the fabric, and then layered it with my pictures.  I really like this look. And it also can be easily switched out as my mood changes.

The pictures are from a hiking trip Jake and I took on our wedding anniversary, So they seemed appropriate for above the bed.  I just have them hanging from some old barn wood.

I think every time I post pictures of my bedroom I mention how badly I want to paint it.  It could use a pretty color on the wall ...One day!


  1. I'm enjoying your love of plaid - we share that!
    In my hometown there's a plaid house - I love it!

  2. Loving all the plaid Emily ~ keep it coming!!

  3. i love your love for change...can't wait to see what's next!


  4. It looks just great! I think plaid is so Fall-ish - so cozy and warm looking!

  5. You have the best ideas! I like the idea of just wrapping a quilt around your headboard.
    What color would you paint your bedroom?