Weekend Finds

 Last Saturday Liam and I hit up a couple yard sales in our neighborhood.  Liam is my 5 year old, and the only one who will ever go with me...and that is only Sometimes.  He said he was on the lookout for a new scooter, so that's why he came.
He didn't find a scooter,  but he did find a pair of rollerskates and some 2.5 lb little red weights.
 Here are all the treasures I found.  And for only $3.

The big bag will be perfect for weekend getaways. 

With the jar, I just peeled off the stickers and stuck a candle in it for now.  But I'm sure I'll find many uses for it later.  Probably fill it up with pine cones for the Fall, Ornaments for Christmas.  It's just a great large jar to have on hand. 

 The plates and the wicker plate holder all found a home in the kitchen.  I then re-arranged my shelves, after dusting everything first.  Open shelves get super dusty!

This is my favorite thing I picked up. Not sure what it is really.  A fan or a rug beater, perhaps.  Any Ideas?

I'm going to wait untill my next post to show you where the old bottle ended up.  I think it's kinda Clever!!


  1. Fab finds! I do believe that is a rug beater

  2. It is a rug beater, remember it from my childhood, my older brother got hidings with it....

  3. Looks like a rug beater to me too! Great finds! I am going to have a link up party on Monday where you can post your finds, I hope you'll come join me!

  4. Great bag! You found some good stuff. :)