Around My Sisters House { Part 1 }

 Last Month, I finally got to see my Sisters House in person. And It is so so Cute! I definitely come from a very talented family.  We had such a fun day,  Just hanging out, chatting, Painting.....Oh yes, she put me straight to work.  ha ha.  And then the day ended with a shopping trip to Ikea!

She had seen the post I did here, where I painted a bunch of my picture frames, and she decided that that would be a fun little project for us to do together.

Here is her picture wall BEFORE.  I hesitated painting the frames at first, because she has a lot of other black pieces in the room,  But since she is going for a lighter, brighter, beachy feel,  they needed to be painted white.

 If you remember, this is what her living room looks like.....well not really,  It is 100 times cuter in  person,  this picture does not do it justice.  I really should have taken some fresher pictures while I was there.  But anyway, you can see more of the room here.

Ok, so my sister puts me to work painting,  and well, I learned A LOT about her that day.  I had NO idea she was such a Perfectionist!  I am So Not!  So as I'm painting I keep noticing her eyeballing my work. And then she mentioned, "Why don't we just take a break and I'll work on it later."  Baahaahaa.  Too Funny!  And then she goes in and cleans her brushes to Perfection. I Love Her!
So after I left,  she went to work sanding off my clumps, but realized she liked the sanded look.
So here is the AFTER:

So Much Cuter, Right?  White is such an instant Freshener!

Her photos are super cute too.  Although, I tried to blurr them out a bit for her privacy. But What a Cute Family!

 I love the sanded edges with a little of the black coming through,  See, there was a reason for all of my clumps.

I'll be back soon to show you more of My Sisters House.

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  1. That does make a difference! The white looks really pretty. I like her wall color, too.