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 I have this really good friend named, Shana,  and she has the greenest thumbs I've ever seen.  Her home is filled with lushes plants and she has a great little container garden in her back yard. Here are a couple pictures I've taken on my latest visits.

 Every time I leave her house I'm inspired to go home and work in my own garden.

She has this Genius idea about giving your plants more foliage and I just had to share it.
 What she has done is taken the stem tube you get when you buy a single rose, filled it with water and placed a small starter plant in it.
 Then she placed it down into the dirt.  This gives an otherwise bare plant, more foliage.
 Love it!  She is really creative that way.  You'll also find rocks, seashells and even little plastic dinosaurs in the dirt of all of her plants.  I've lived with her for many of years and I think that is where my love of house plants has come from.  I can't imagine a home without them.

Alright, then back at my house,  I thought I'd share my little garden with you as well.
 Just using my kids sidewalk chalk,  I created a little mural for my garden.
 My neighbor gave me some seeds from her holly hocks last year and I was beyond excited when I saw them staring to grow this spring.  I love Holly hocks!

 You can also find a hidden little door in my garden,  as well as a ....

 Gnome!  What garden is complete without a Gnome to protect it, Right?
Actually, this guy belongs to Liam.  He picked it out from Uncle Trace's store, Backyard Birds, in Salt Lake City.  Liam is obsessed with the movie, Gnomeo and Juliet.  I just smile every time I see him sitting amongst my flowers.

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  1. I'm very jealous of your pink hollyhocks! I only have yellow and orange. I love that tip for more foliage, too.

    I'd love a greener thumb.


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