New Kitchen Pictures

 I was looking through my blog the other day and decided I needed some newer pictures of my kitchen.  So I cleaned it up really good,  switched a few things around and then took a million new pictures of it.

 One of the things I changed up was my window treatment.  I brought back in my matchstick blinds, but first I did a quick white wash on them. There wasn't much paint left in the bucket so I just added about a cup of water to it, then brushed it on.
They really bring in a lot of light.

I Love my new Harry and David's shopping bag that Jake's Grandpa gave me.  I guess someone gave it to him, it was full of fruit, but he wanted me to have the tote.

 I made the fresh eggs sign awhile back.  And then the carving above it was made by... Jake's Grandpa.  Wow,  He's really contributing to my post today.  Love him!

I made the napkin holder, by simply putting a chicken wire caddy (that I got from the dollar store a Long Long time ago) on top of a candle holder.
It's so handy to have on the kitchen table.
There is Still So much I'd love to do to this kitchen; paint it, paint the table, new floors, new lighting, bead board on ceiling, new backslash, new counter tops, Ya!
But slowly,  it's looking better and better.


  1. I think your kitchen is gorgeous!

  2. Amazing, you have luxurious kitchen, I like Granite Countertop which reflect the whole idea behind such luxury kitchen.

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  3. I just love your kitchen! It's so bright and light and pretty! I like the new window treatment, too.

  4. Can't wait to see all of your cute house in person!

  5. I see why you wanted to share more photos, your kitchen is wonderful. There is nothing as great as a clean room - if it would just stay that way. Thanks for being my inspiration. Kathy

  6. That's a nice kitchen you have and it's also very relaxing. Maybe it's because of the white furniture. And that Fresh Egg sign is cute.