Bee Box

 While visiting my folks over the 4th of July, I came across this old wooden box on their property.  I Loved it for it's rustic look and cute little handles on the sides.
 Apparently, it was once used to house Bee's.  It even had a thick layer of honey residue on the inside, or at least that is what I think it was. 
 It didn't have a bottom to it,  so I had my dad put one in.  I had so much fun hanging out with my dad in his humongous shop.  He's a retired contractor so he has every tool imaginable.  All of his tool tables are hooked up to a huge vacuum to clean up all of the sawdust.  I can definitely say  If we lived closer I would be in there playing all day long.
 I loved that he put in a old piece of wood that matched the rest of the box.
   Here is my Abby dog checking it out, she has to be involved in everything!
I gave it a quick, light layer of white paint.  I wanted it to still look old and rustic, so I made sure it wasn't covered to well.
 And then I sanded it all down with my hand sander, making sure to get all of the edges really good. 
 Same goes for the inside.
 I then brought it into my living room to hold extra pillows and blankets.
 Although, I think it may end up in my closet to hold shoes.  I could fill the box up and then let some heels hang over the edges.
 Aren't these little denim ones cute?  I picked them up from Target the other day for $5. Yes, you heard right, I said $5!!  So if you want a pair too,  You better hurry over.

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  1. Very cute shoes and box too. There's no Target up here yet, but if there were........I'd be wearing denim shoes tomorrow!

  2. $5? That's thrift store prices. Perfect finish on the box.

  3. What a great box! I love that you got it from your parent's house. And, the shoes are super fun too!

  4. I LOVE your bee box! I also love the shoes. I'm going to Target!
    It's so sweet that your dad put a bottom on it for you. My dad is a contractor, too, and he's got every tool you could ever want. It's a huge bonus. :)

  5. My daddy and I used to do similar things in his shop. Savor every minute!!!

  6. what a great old box! looks lovely painted white! and love your shoes also!
    Laura xx

  7. love it! I thought of doing something similar to a dresser that I have in the bedroom but decided not to at the end, now I think I might do it! :)