Yard Sale Treasures

 Last Weekend my Neighbors were having a Yard Sale.  So of course I just couldn't restrain myself from walking over there...Even though I think it's time for a yard sale of my own.  I own way too much stuff!!
 Anyway, I came across this Cute Green Fan for $4. I thought it may be vintage at first, it has that retro look to it.  It was hard to tell under all of the dirt and grime.  But once I got it home and all cleaned up I could tell that it was fairly new and in good shape.
 I've got it set up in my bedroom.  I Love going to sleep with a fan on, especially on summer nights.
 By the Way, Do I have the Cutest Dog Ever or What!

 I also picked up some Wooden Beads and Seashell necklaces for my little collection I've got going on.

OK, I seriously need to start cleaning and clearing stuff out. There will be a yard sale at my house sometime in the near future.  I think it's so important to get rid of the old to make room for the new!!!


  1. I love the treasures and I love your Puppy. Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    jane C

  2. The fan is very retro looking and I love how you have the same pops of color in the room! I don't have room for much more, but I can't pass a yard sale!!

    Cute pup! :-)


  3. You do have the cutest dog ever!
    That fan is cute~great color. I really like your leaf rack, too.

  4. This green fan is so GREAT, love it. And this cuuute dog too. Have a happy day today, greetings from germany, geisslein