Summering up my Shelves

 I've been summering up my shelves!
 By bringing in Sea Shells, Bottles and other Beachy items It now looks more Summery!
 You may remember,  This is how it looked in the Fall.
 And It hadn't changed much since....Except for get messier!!  It Kinda became a dumping ground for everybodys stuff.

So It was in need of a fresh, new, summery, Look.

 I made the mirror out of Driftwood I picked up from the beach.  You can find my instructions on how I made it here.

 And of course my Whale pillow from here.  It really does make it into most of my shots.  I just Love it too Much!

And Yes I do realized I took allot of pictures of my newly decorated shelves.  But I just think it is soo much more prettier to look at.

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  1. I love it all! That mirror is fabulous, and I am still in love with that shelf! I wish I had something like that to "summer up!"

  2. What a great little summer makeover. I love those distressed multi-colored wooden frames. And your driftwood mirror turned out fabulous! Have a great day. Tammy

  3. It looks lovely. I love all those frames especially the green scrap wood ones - very beachy. I have little glass jars filled with a little sand from various beaches we have been to abroad and I put a little piece of paper inside with the name of the beach and the year we went. I think little souvenirs like this (and your lovely driftwood mirror) are much more meaningful than things we buy.
    Love that pillow too ;)

  4. lovely..i like your style!
    cheryl x

  5. The more pictures,the better! Your shelves look great, Emily! I really like all the turquoise accents.

  6. Nice to "meet" you Emily! I'm your newest follower from the link party (i would love a "follow back!) at TT&J. I love your style, and you have inspired me! The selves are gorgeous, and I love how you have layered the various elements, and the variety of textures. I'll be back often!


  7. It all looks wonderful. I love all the accents.

    Great driftwood mirror.