Pretty Pretty Peonies

 Every Year I brag and brag all about my beautiful Lilac Bush and my Snowball Bush.
But really that's because those are my only flowers.  I dream of having a Rose Garden and big Peonies and hydrangea bushes.  But I just can't seem to get them to grow.  I've tried and tried. 
When I walked by my neighbors house the other day, she caught me drooling over her peonies. She was sweet enough to cut a few off for me to take home.  They are soo big,  it only took a few of them to fill up a vase. 
 I love them!  I've got them right next to my kitchen sink and they smell incredible.  I've been walking around with a yellow nose...every time I smell them I get pollen on my face,  It took me a little while to figure it out,  but I eventually did.

Aren't they so pretty? 

I am bound and determined to have a bush of these in my garden one day.


  1. They are beautiful! I love your open shelves, too!


  2. They are pretty - you did a lovely job photographing them as well!

  3. Perhaps your generous neighbour could give you some tips on what makes her peonies grow so beautifully. They are gorgeous!

  4. I just today came across your blog and am now one of your newest followers. I love your style and I SO look forward to going through your archives.

  5. Delighted to have found your blog Emily.

    I've Pinned a few of your images to my Pinterest

  6. I just found your blog via Knock-Off Decor and love it! We moved into a house in October and didn't know what to expect by way of landscaping until the late spring when everything started to bloom. Imagine my excitement when I found 6 huge peony bushes - some white, some pink - growing along our fence!