My Sister's Living Room

 I have this Super Talented Sister named, Natee.  I know I talk about her all the time.  I showed you her bedroom here,  and her kitchen here,  and now, I've talked her into sending me pictures of her 
Living room.  I Love it!

 She Picked up these Granny-Mauve-Living-Room-Chairs From KSL,
 And Reupholstered them is this Awesome Fabric,  that I just LOVE!  Oh and she painted them White as well.  So Cute!

I told you she was Talented,  she Also Plays the Guitar,  which now I kinda want one too, Not to play (because unfortunately I don't share that talent)  but to sit and look cool in my room.  I love this picture.

 She says her Camera isn't the Best, so the pictures turned out a little dark.  But the room it self is very Bright, Warm, Relaxed and Comfy.

 She purchased this cool large clock, as well as the wooden boxes below at Hobby Lobby.

 Since she's going for that Chill, Beachy look I think she should paint this bench and shelf white.  Do you all agree?

Great Room Natee!!!  Thank you so much for Sharing.  Since we live in separate states,  I actually haven't seen it in person. But I will get to soon.  Can't Wait!

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  1. Those chairs look amazing! I love the fabric she used. The whole room is really cute!

    White paint is never a mistake, so yeah! Paint away!

  2. what a great space, and i love that chair redo! that fabric is funky and fun...and now i feel the need to display my guitar, too. ha!

  3. Ah Em, you're so sweet! I just got your email and had to come check out your blog. You just made my whole day! I was going to call you and tell you if you wanted to put these on your blog, I would try to take some better pics for you first. Your blog deserves only the best.

    So... when you come to visit do you want to do some painting projects with me... say a bench and a shelf and a kitchen table? How long do I get to have you? I love and miss you my beautiful, talented sister. <3