My Oregon Vacation

I know, I know It's not all that exciting looking at someone else's Vacation Photos, but It's my blog and I had such an Amazing time that I just Had to share.
Oregon is such a Beautiful Place. It has Mountains, Ocean, Country, Rivers, Lakes, and Farms. The Scenery never gets old.
This trip has really inspired me, I plan to bring some of that into my home and I have a few projects in mind as well.
Who Else can say that they share the same name as a Mountain?

I Love Barns.

Mt. Hood
We stayed overnight in Hood River, The cutest little town ever! Every house there was so charming and the town overlooks the Columbia River and Mt. Hood.

Multnomah Falls
A Must See.

My Little Family

Our Little Beach house.
You may remember I did a post here, where I was choosing from a few different Beach House Rentals.
This One was Called Driftwood.
It was decorated so Cute. Everything was from Pottery barn, Ikea and Crate and Barrel. I know because I went around the house checking all the labels... I know you all do it too.
and Oh my Gosh the Beds were sooo Comfy.

It was just a few minutes from the Beach.

On one of the days there, we took a trip to Tillamook, OR.
I Love how there is Country just a few miles from the Beach. ( I kinda dream of having a farmhouse by the beach one day.) So of course we had to stop into the Cheese Factory for some Tillamook Icecream!

The Sea was full of these Common Murres.

Can you believe someone shot a gun at this Lighthouse. There is a huge hole in the glass and you can no longer climb up it.
It's Really Sad.

A Cool Octopus Tree.

Me Again!

My Little Beach Boys.

One of the most Photographed Lighthouses in the World.

love this Guy.

The Same Lighthouse up close.

A fun little beach that had a lot of sea life.

Me and my boys.

And Lastly, my favorite picture of all!
Yaquina Head Lighthouse.

And Sadly, Now it's back to reality and a Huge Pile of Laundry.


  1. Orgegon is one of my favorite places to visit. I would love to live there one day. I really enjoyed looking at your vacay photos! Looks like a wonderful trip!!

  2. Oh, wow! That looks like the perfect vacation! The house is darling. I'm glad you had such a great time. :)

  3. I love looking at vacation photos - always finding new places I would like to visit. Oregon looks amazing.

  4. Don't ya just love Oregon?!! My husband and I were born and raised on the coast. Lee's parents live in the little town of Beaver, and my folks live in Hebo. You may have drove through them during your travels, but probably wouldn't have known it. We lived in Tillamook for 4 years, now we live in the desert, and we get asked about the Cheese Factory a lot. It's kinda funny. When we lived in Tillamook, we couldn't care less about the Cheese Factory! :)
    The house you stayed in is really cute! And yes, I do check labels!
    The photos you took of Multomah Falls are amazing! You must have a great camera. We can't get full shots of the Falls with ours. :(
    Anyways, thanks for sharing photos of your trip. Now I'm even more excited to make our trip to the coast in September!!

  5. You took one of my favorite holidays, right down to the Tillamook ice cream! I love the Oregon coast and even though we live on an island not too far north, I consider it a wonderful escape.

  6. Beautiful, I’ve been thinking of putting up a springy wreath (even though it still feels and looks like winter in my area as well). thanks for the great idea.
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  7. love the falls photo from the distance...perfect...

  8. I am so jealous. I've longed to visit Oregon for years. That waterfall is beautiful - your photos of it are great. You and your little cuties all look like you had a great time. If I ever save enough to get there I'll be e-mailing you for tips!
    Love your hair colour too.
    Also loving the whale pillow in your header :)

  9. Beautiful. All of it. Especially you.

  10. I clicked on over from Centsational Girl and was so glad someone else linked up to the Oregon Coast! And, it looks like you stayed at Olivia Beach. We've stayed at their sister property a few miles south, called Bella Beach. We LOVE it there. And you're right, it's like stepping into a Pottery Barn catalog in those houses! Your family sounds much like mine - we can't go to the coast without a drive north to Tillamook :) We also love Captain Dan's Pirate Pastry Shop in the Taft neighborhood in Lincoln City.

    Love the coast! Now I'm off to check out the rest of your blog :)

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  14. Oregon is such a beautiful place, isn't it? You pictures just proved that beyond reasonable doubt. I would love to have a vacation house there, too.


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