Painted Countertops

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And ever since I've been getting a lot of comments about my Kitchen Makeover. Once again, this is the Ugly, Ugly Before:
I painted all of the cabinets white. And I also painted the counter tops. Which I've been getting a lot of questions about. So I want to address them some more.Here were my counter tops before. Just a light baby blue that just wasn't doing it for me..

So I picked up a can of Rust-Oleum counter top paint from Lowe's. It comes in
20 different colors, and I choose Taupe.

You simply just roll it on your counter tops. The Smell is very very strong and it takes about 3 days to dry. So If you plan to paint yours, I would suggest doing it during warmer weather when you can leave your doors and windows open or even right before you head out of town for a few days since you'll pretty much be out of a kitchen for awhile.
Here is my after:
So the biggest questions I've received is "How have they held up?" Um to answer that, not great! This here is a picture of where my kids sit:

So it gets allot of wear and tare in that area and it has scratch a bit.
But I Seriously would still suggest this product and here is why;
1. It's a easy, inexpensive, Do -It yourself product. I did it all by myself in less than an hour.
and 2. It only took half the can to do my whole counter tops so one of these days, I'll get around to touching it up. It's No big deal for me.
Yes Ideally I would love to have Butcher Block, marble or even cement counter tops, but that is something that's going to have to wait a few years. So this has been a great alternative.
So I hope that cleared up all of your questions. And if you do still plan to paint your counter tops, I'd love to see how they turned out.
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She made this Farmhouse Sign, It's actually a mini version of a large one she has in her own home. Plus I get these 3 bottles with pretty little labels
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Thanks Again Robin.
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  1. Thanks for posting this! Going to help a friend redo her kitchen and mentioned this blog post to her. I'm a new follower and loving it! Stop over and visit my blog sometime.

  2. Congrats on your win...I LOVE those bottles! If you ever wanna get rid of 'em, send them my way ;) haha

    I have thought about painting our bathroom counter tops (that are currently polka dot! haha). If we end up staying in our rental for awhile longer, I might get around to doing it. Yours look fab!


  3. I think painting your counter tops is a great idea, even if it scratches a little, especially if you just can't live with them anymore. I'm hoping to get something new soon, but if I wasn't I would think about painting them. Thanks for all the info!

    Hurray for you on the lovely giveaway gifts. I love it all!


  4. Oh wow, loving the darker counter tops, it really lifts the whole room. Great work, love Posie

  5. Your kitchen is lovely!! It's amazing what a little paint can do! :)
    We just installed butcher block countertop in our kitchen and I love it!! We used Lagan from Ikea, and it only cost us a little less than 200 dollars to do the whole thing! Just thought I'd let you know, since you mentioned wanting to maybe put butcher block in your kitchen someday.

  6. Congratulations on your win!
    Even if you do get some chips in your counter, they still look great! Paint is a great way to make waiting for a remodel a little more tolerable. :)

  7. I painted my mom's rental houses' counter tops about 5 years ago to look like granite. They turned out really cool, and much better than the ugly yellow. I used a polyurethane on top of the paint and it really seemed to keep the kicks and cuts at bay! Make sure to apply several coats and let dry at least an hour between coats. I hope it helps!

  8. I absolutely LOVE your interior shots- especially your bedroom, entry and re-done kitchen- The lighting in the shots is beautiful!! And, the colors you've chosen are so soothing and soft. :)
    Nice job!

  9. Thanks for posting the update. I have countertops that I don't love but I can live with, and I will not be painting them. We will eventually replace the countertops (and probably the cabinets too) so I'll live with what I've got for now.

  10. love the transformation! have you thought about using a 'bartop' finish or the pour epoxy style finish? the touch up will be 3 days to cure and i wouldn't want to do that every few months after the wear and tear of kids.

  11. Thanks for posting about the countertop paint. I wondered how well it would hold up, and you answered that question. Still considering, but I might just tile. Your kitchen looks great!