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In my last post, I blogged all about Chalkboards. Both my mom and my sister commented to me that it reminded them of my Grandma Nora. She has a couple chalkboards around her home. One being a very very large one (Now, after reading my post my Sister Natee has "dibs" on it)

So apparently Grandma Nora believes that every home needs a "Chalkboard Central" A place for notes, messages, math problems, house plans, list, assignments, art work.....the list just goes on and on.
She is a Very wise woman, She wouldn't be a healthy, happy, funny 99 year old woman otherwise. We all love her dearly.

So lately as the grandchildren come to visit her, she'll ask them to take a walk around her home and let her know if there is anything they want when she passes. The thought of her ever leaving is really just too sad to think of. So as much as I would love to have snooped around..... That really is one of my favorite things to do afterall, I just felt too guilty.

The truth is, I just want her house. (haha) It's an old brick farmhouse that my grandpa built during the depression. I dream about living there all the time. But not to sound to greedy, I did tell my grandma I would love to have her Straw Hats. When I think about my Grandma Nora, I picture her wearing a plaid shirt, most likely one of my grandpa's old ones, and a straw hat. I see her out in her garden with her chickens trailing behind her.... This is the image I will Always have of her.

By displaying her hats around my home, it would remind me of her beautiful spirit everyday. But what am I blabbing about, Grandma Nora is not going anywhere. I can't wait to see her turn 100!!!!

I found some pictures of using straw hats as home decor, This is a collection I hope to one day have.

Just one hat here, but I had to add this picture, I love it. Sorry, I don't know where I found it.

Better Homes and Gardens

Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn

Pottery barn

Pottery Barn
I know this last one is straw bags not hats, but it's got that same look I love.


  1. Thanks for sharing! I love straw anything! The hats and bags are wonderful!

  2. These are wonderful ideas for hats. I have s friend who made a sort of valance above a window with straw looks SO cute!

    You grandmother looks like such a nice, sweet lady and I'm glad you have so many wonderful things to remember her by. We can only hope that we live as long as shes is! :-)


  3. I too love the look of straw hats hanging together. I have my Grandmother's hat that she gardened in and my mothers that she wore as well. I also have one that was my father-in-laws that was an old golf straw really has some personality! lol I want to hang them in our new home when we move in...I just have to convince my husband not to hang his ball caps there too! ;) Thank you for sharing the other links, I am going to go and check them out too.

  4. Love all the hats! Thanks for sharing your Grandmother with us!