Chalkboard Walls

I Love Love Love a Big Chalkboard Wall.
But I really don't have the right kind of wall for one. That got me thinking........I know someone who does!!! This is my sister Natee's wall. If you remember a while back I did a post here with some decorating ideas for her large celery green wall.
She could totally do a big, cool chalk board wall, Right?
It comes in a small can by Rust-oleum or even Benjamin Moore carries it too.
I know that everybody in Blog World has done a post on Chalk board walls already, So it was really easy for me to come up with a ton of inspiration photos... I just stole all of your pictures. hahaha
Wouldn't it be so much fun to write notes and draw pictures on a big chalkboard. I know my little guys would be in Heaven.

I think they are perfect for a Kitchen.

But you could also do one in a bedroom, or any room in the house really.

It also comes in green.
If a whole wall was too much for you, you could always just put up a large chalkboard or frame one out.

Or just do one as a accent, on a door or cupboard.

Hum......This post was meant to inspire my sister, but now I'm going to take another look around my house, I really want one.


  1. Chalkboard paint is so addicting! Almost, as much as burlap, haha! Love your inspirational photos! Great idea to use it on a pantry door.

    I hope you find a wall to try it on. I want to try this in our back entry!

    Have a great weekend! I love your blog...btw!
    ~Michelle :)

  2. I really want one too! But I haven't found a way to make it work yet. Our kitchen is surprisingly short on wall space. I am thinking of a green one in my boys room when I re-do it this summer.

  3. This totally reminds me of Grandma Nora's chalkboards! I loved the big one down in her basement and the smaller one in her dining room. I don't know if I could handle doing the entire wall in my kitchen (It's a big wall!) but the wainscoting underneath is cute, and I like the idea of a large framed one. I just got around to white-washing my window (It's still not hung) and now you've got me rethinking what I want to do. Your ideas are all so wonderful! Thank you sista!!!

  4. I didn't know about the green. I like that idea! I wish they'd had this when my girls were still living at home.

  5. I want to do a chalkboard wall in my son's room. He's not up for it, though. I'll have to make do with the chalkboard I have propped against the wall in our dining room.

    Great pictures!

  6. Love these ideas! I have one in my kitchen too~LOVE IT!

  7. Do her whole wall! Great idea! Share pictures when she/you get it done!

  8. Hi! I'm a new follower and I found you from Uncommon Slice... Come over and say Hi if you have time!

  9. I definitely recommend the chalkboard wall! I painted a whole wall in my kitchen, and never looked back! Still love it :) I love it even more now that it's "roughed up" a little know...sort of grey-ish looking. And my boys love to draw all over it. So much fun!

  10. HI! I just found your blog and loved reading through all your older posts! Your home is so charming and I love all your ideas. Definately find a place for a'll love having one.
    Looking forward to seeing more inspiration from you ~

  11. Hi,
    I am totally in love with the kitchen that has a chalkboard wall with all of the school house lights! I would love to do something like that.
    Hugs, Cindy

  12. We have just painted a huge chalkboard in our kitchen and love it!! It is addictive though, looking all round the house now for other areas to paint xx


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