Hot Pad Eyeglass holder

I saw this idea awhile ago and thought it was pretty clever.
 This would make a great gift to give to a friend who wears eye glasses. I guess you could use it for sunglasses as well. Start off with an everyday hot pad.
I have used a Christmas hot pad, but any hot pad will do.
Fold it in half longways. Sew both bottom and side edges (it's pretty thick so you may need to hand sew it or use a heavy duty needle) Leave top open.
{Most hot pads have a handy little hooks on them. Just remember to make that your top}

These are really easy and inexpensive to make.
You can make one for yourself, and one for all of your friends as Christmas gifts.
Give alone or along with a good book.


  1. Fabulous idea, especially for someone like me who is always losing things!


  2. What a quick and easy gift for all my glass-wearing friends. Thanks for the great idea!

  3. So cute! I'm amazed with the ideas fellow bloggers come up with! Thanks for the compliment on my page. I like to change things up pretty often ; )

  4. So simple, So cute, So going to be making these! *smiles*

    Merry Christmas and Happiest of New Years!