Oh Christmas Tree

I think everybody has their own idea of what Christmas should look like. It probably has something to do with what it looked like for you growing up. For me its Red and Green with pine cones and holly berries.
We placed the tree in front of the window this year. Which looks really pretty from the outside.

Liam (my 5 year old) thinks we really really need to have a star at the top of the tree and this poinsettia just isn't cutting it. So I'm on the lookout for a really cute star.

I'm just loving these white berry clusters that I found at the dollar store, they make the tree almost look like it has snow on it. Plus the White just really pops out.

The Peace and Joy letters are from Pottery Barn years ago.

And you remember my Glass Ornaments I did here.

I also got a couple of these jingle bells at the dollar store.
And here are just a few other favorites. The ribbon balls are also from Pottery Barn 2 years ago.
My Tree at night. For some reason I just don't think pictures do Christmas trees justice. They are always more beautiful in person.

I now have a red tree skirt under the tree, and I'm also thinking of adding some branches sticking out. We'll see.


  1. Your tree is beautiful! I love the ornaments you made, and those dollar store twigs are just the right punch of white.

    Gorgeous, Emily!

  2. Beautiful! I love seeing everyones idea of Christmas, so inspiring!!

  3. CUTE!! And I agree with you, my tree does not look as good in photo as it does in person... and I think I can take a pretty good photo :)
    OH, and we decided to go with our Angel this year (Braeden chose it over the star), so if you want to borrow our star you can :) it's really cute... not tacky!! :)
    let me know, you can stop by and check it out if you want :) LOVE the decor as always, and the pic of your snowman at the top is TOO CUTE!! We were out of town during all that, so any pictures I have are with all the melted snow. I'm praying for one more tiny little blizzard before Christmas Eve :)